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Restoring your old photographs or slides is a true passion. A photo is worth a thousand words, so why not fix your favourite photo before it deteriorates completely? Is it essential that the next generation can cherish them? Your pictures and memories are necessary for the next generation to love, so why not contact me today. All photos are converted to a digital format for editing, allowing me to work my magic, restoring an old image to a new one.


I pride myself on being a fast, competent, efficient, reliable and honest person!


I have 26 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop (and other Adobe products).

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Family Video to Digital

Do you have an old family video stuck on a tape collecting dust? There’s a reason you don’t watch them anymore. In today’s digital age, videotape is becoming archaic. Who wants to fast forward and rewind through a video when you can easily navigate by skipping around on a DVD or your computer. Plus, transferring to digital stops the deterioration process of the magnetic tape itself.

I’ll transfer your video to a digital format for the best quality result. The process is a straight transfer of the raw footage from the tape to the digital. So please provide us with the video in VHS, VHS-C, or MiniDV tape format. The cost of doing this is very reasonable, $40 for each hour of tape, with the third hour free. Transfer video to DVD is $5ea. I can now transfer Super 8 film to digital. Small reel $20 each, Medium reel $25 each, Large reel $30 each. Transfer video to a flash drive (digital format) can also be done at only $15 extra. 


  • Additional copies to a DVD are $5ea.
  • Additional copies of a Flash Drive are $15ea.
  • Free courier within New Zealand.

$40 for each hour of tape

with the third hour free

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